Ecuador Facts

  • Capital City: Quito.
  • Population: 16 million.
  • Official languages: Spanish, Quechua.
  • Ecuador is named after the Equator.
  • The high Andes Mountains form the backbone of the country, and Cotopaxi is the highest active volcano in the world.
  • The Galápagos Islands, 596 miles (960 kilometers) west of the mainland of Ecuador are part of Ecuador and are home to unique reptiles, birds, and plants. There are 19 islands in the archipelago.
  • Ecuador is considered one of the most diverse areas of the world. There are some 25,000 plant species, and over 1,600 known bird species.
  • Ecuador is divided into three main regions, the Costa (coastal region), the Sierra (highland region) and the Oriente (eastern region).
  • The Costa, or coastal plain region is where many of the world’s bananas are grown. The Sierra is also made up of farmland. The Oriente is east of the Andes and is rich in oil.
  • The highest mountain of Ecuador is Volcano Chimborazo of 6,268m , the top is the earth’s closest point to the sun and the furthest point from the center of the Earth.
  • Ecuador positions the United Kingdom as one of the main export destinations, thus placing it in 2021, in 14th place of the total of all its importers.
  • Ecuador imported a total of USD 157,320 thousand from the United Kingdom in 2021.
  • Ecuadorian exports to the United Kingdom correspond to 1.10% of total exports by 2021.
  • Growing trend of exports in the last decade, reaching the highest value in 2021: USD 287,844 thousand.
  • The main imported products from the United Kingdom are: distillate fuels, alcoholic beverages and vinegar; light cars; pharmaceutical products; books and brochures; insecticides and disinfectants; cranes; and machinery.