Art Galleries in a Hospital

Did you know? Art in hospital spaces can help “prevent the appearance of mental disorders and age-related physical deterioration”, as well as help “in critical and terminal care” according to the World Health Organization.

For this reason, the Hospital Vozandes Quito, in this desire to contribute to art and culture to the public, gave way to the third edition of the project “Galería del arte HVQ”, which considers one of the references of photography in our country, Andrés Jiménez. , Architect by profession and photographer graduated from VIU & EnDesign in Barcelona. This initiative implements spaces where artists can show their most significant works highlighting all their talent.

This project not only helps to encourage and improve the mental and physical health of our patients, collaborators; also to their relatives and to the people who visit us.

By Mariela Pacheco, Experience Executive, HVQ

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