Bupa continues to grow in Ecuador and participates in the GB20 Committee

Bupa Ecuador participated in the GB20 Committee organised by the insurance broker Gilbert & Boloña.

This event presented the economic and commercial results of 2022. Additionally, the commercial strategy to achieve the new objectives of this year was published, in which the commercialisation of Bupa’s products, as a strategic partner, are an important part of the results. 

Santiago Dávalos, Sales Manager of Bupa Ecuador, spoke about the growth of the company and the current situation in the first trimester: “Without doubt, the results which we are achieving are the product of important alliances, such as those which we maintain Gilbert & Boloña, who market our products, which have marked a differentiation in the market both on a service level and in the level of coverage that we offer.”

For Bupa, the trade objectives in Ecuador are increasingly challenging every year due to the existence of permanent work on the development of medical safety products which provide Ecuadorians with greater benefits, innovation, and excellent customer service. 

The number of Bupa’s collaborators in Ecuador has tripled in the last year as a result of the growth in its number of customers. This is a result of the commercial management of its first line of local individual and group insurance products in the region. miBupa, which offers an accessible plan which is adaptable to the different needs of a key segment of the local population seeking flexibility. Bupa Ecuador’s Individual proposal has three options for maximum coverage: Primer@, Optim@, and Suprem@. In the SMB line, it offers four options for maximum coverage which is adapted to the needs of your employees: Plan 10, Plan 30, Plan 50, and Plan 120, which also offers flexibility to choose levels of coverage for hospitalisation and ambulance services. 

These products also offer optional travel and dental coverage, all of which save time with 100% digital management.

About Bupa Global Latinoamérica

Bupa Global Latinoamérica (BGLA) has offices and operates in the health insurance sector in Ecuador, Guatemala, Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, Colombia and Chile.

About Bupa Ecuador

Bupa began operating in Ecuador in 2003 with plans and products directed towards large corporations, SMBs and individuals.

Bupa Ecuador seeks to be a leader in health insurance in Ecuador, being a trusted brand in the coverage and service provided to their customers. 

Holding their customers at the centre of all they do, Bupa Ecuador continues to innovate and develop robust digital tools which allow its customers easy, fast and safe access to medical assistance coverage and services with just one click from their home, office or wherever they may be. This creates a closer relationship between the company and their customers.

About Bupa

The goal of Bupa is to help people to live a longer, healthier, and happier life and to create a better world. As they have no shareholders, their customers are their focus. They reinvest their profits to provide more and better medical assistance for the benefit of their current and future customers. 

They are an international medical assistance company which attends to more than 43 million clients across the world. 

Health insurance represents the main part of their business, accounting for 71% of their income. They are also a health provider, operating 370 clinics, 23 hospitals, around 1000 dental centres and also professional centres for the care of the elderly. 

Bupa directly employs around 84,000 people, principally in the UK, Australia, Spain, Chile, Poland, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Turkey, Brasil, the US, the Middle East, and Ireland. THey also have associate businesses in Saudia Arabia and India.

As part of the global One Health initiative, Bupa is proud to launch “Footprints of Change” in the region. Their sustainability programme has already been implemented in Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Panama and Peru, and it aims to create a positive impact on people’s health, nutrition and wellbeing, especially those of children.

For more information, please visit https://www.bupasalud.com

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