Do you have unpaid bills? We can help you.

Currently, companies need to sell on credit to attract a larger number of customers, increase their sales, drive their growth, and expand their influence in the market. However, this can bring difficulties in operating normally due to non-payment of the granted credit.

Dealing with a customer who doesn’t pay their bills is the beginning of extrajudicial collection, immediate action must be taken since the probability of recovering the money decreases by 20% for every month of delay that passes without effective collection actions.

  1. The first step is to contact the customer. Sometimes reminding the customer of their delinquency situation is enough to get payment.
  2. If the customer is facing liquidity problems, it is recommended to offer alternative payment plans and renegotiate the debt. This allows reaching an agreement that benefits both parties, it is advisable to request a payment when agreeing to a payment plan.
  3. If there is no intention to pay or the invoice is more than 30 days overdue, stronger collection efforts should be made, generating letters indicating that the client will be reported to the credit bureau which could affect their credit score.
  4. If there is no success with extrajudicial collection, judicial collection should be evaluated. In this instance, through courts, the debtor is sought to clarify the debt. It has high fixed costs, so it is recommended for high amounts of unpaid debts.

An unpaid credit represents a problem that impacts the operation of several companies, for this reason, it is necessary to be prepared to collect unpaid bills and break the cycle of delinquency. When the portfolio is several days overdue, it is essential to turn to third parties, experts in collections, to recover accounts receivable and thus avoid problems for the company.

A professional collection management serves to reinforce the image of seriousness and efficiency of the company and ensures payment before other creditors. We know that facing this situation generates emotional and economic wear and tear.

At BPONE, through PROFITLINE-BPO ECUADOR, we have ISO 9001:2015 certification and professionals with extensive knowledge in the management of commercial debt collection who comply with effective collection procedures where we use the best tools for the benefit of our clients. Likewise, through BPO REPRESENTACIONES BPOREP, we carry out extrajudicial and judicial collection management, providing continuous legal advice to our clients.

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