Endoscopic Gastroplasty: A procedure transforming the quality of life for people with obesity

6 out of 10 adults in Ecuador suffer from obesity. This epidemic has been a public health problem that the country’s hospitals have been trying to treat for years, especially in order to eliminate the risks caused by this illness.

In this context, Hospital Vozandes Quito (HVQ), as part of its commitment to patient-centred care and service, has carried out its first endoscopic bariatric sleeve procedure with the theoretical and practical training of Dr. Manoel Galvoe, a pioneer of the procedure. The procedure was carried out by Dr. Manuel Abarca, a gastroenterologist at HVQ and it marks a milestone for both the country and the medical sector.

The endoscopic bariatric sleeve involves inserting a suture device down the throat and into the stomach. The endoscopist compresses the stomach through small sutures in order to reduce the patient’s appetite. This intervention not only allows for a better quality of life, it also is minimally invasive, meaning the patient can be dismissed the same day. Furthermore, the procedure leaves no scars and recovery is quick.

HVQ maintains high quality controls and is constantly innovating and training its health professionals

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