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The third edition of this forum aims to provide and promote sustainable and responsible business practices from an environmental, social and governance (ESG) perspective. The principal focus is on the intersection between these practices and their impact on investments, combining financial performance and social and economic progress. 

It will be targeted towards small, medium and large businesses that look to not only understand the advances in these areas, but also to adopt better practices, overcome challenges, identify trends and use key tools to promote sustainability and integrate the ESG criteria in an effective manner. 

The event offers a meeting point in which national and international businesses and institutions can share their perspectives and approaches based on sustainable models. These approaches not only support the continued importance of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but also contribute to the construction of a more conscious and responsible business network in terms of the management of operations and the impact on the environment. 

Cost of participation for BritCham UIO partners: $25.00 (plus tax)

Cost of participation for general public: $40.00 (plus tax)

*includes access to all conferences, breakfast and coffee break

For more information about participation and sponsorship contact the email: officer@britcham.com.ec or the phone number: +593 96 333 4445 

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