Factors that influence the continuity of contraband and its negative impact in Ecuador

By: Abg. Génesis Rodas, Fexlaw Abogados

The smuggling of products for human consumption and use is mostly carried out across borders, which grows exponentially every year. This practice of illegal trade in products is finding subtle routes across the borders and this is causing the loss of various resources and jobs, citing Mauricio Saenz, from the tobacco industry, indicates that we all lose with smuggling: “the State loses, the consumer and certainly private industry; since, as evidenced in the statistics and analyzes carried out by the control authorities, this trend of illegal trade directly affects national production, public health and the country’s economy.

For this reason, it is essential that border security strategies and  legal measures continue to be strengthened and applied, which will help to reduce the presence of crimes that threaten the customs administration, although it is true, our legal system contemplates various legal bodies that regulate the operational and control processes of the customs administration, however, the existence of laws is insufficient in the face of a phenomenon like this, against which it is imperative to intensify intelligence actions in primary and secondary areas to detect and prevent these crimes.

Consequently, it is essential that these measures are carried out and perfected in their application, in such a way that our authorities are in constant training, since their timely intervention will be essential for the control and prevention of these crimes. Likewise, it is necessary to continue in the fight to eradicate in our citizens the naturalization of the consumption of illegal products.


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