FIFA Foundation and FUDELA team up for the same goal

For more than 4 years, FIFA Foundation has been contributing significantly to FUDELA’s work transforming lives. It is through this important cooperation that it has been possible to enhance the socioeconomic skills of more than 6000 children, as well as strengthening the work of 260 facilitators who teach and train football for development. Furthermore, over 40 innovative spaces for positive impact have been created, where the efforts and voices of key allies join forces for a better future for everybody.

As a third sector organisation, FUDELA aspires to develop and promote spaces of inclusion, prevention and opportunities. Since 2005, football has been one of its most powerful tools for fulfilling its goals, due to its capacity to promote values such as fair play, companionship, and teamwork.

During a time where Ecuador finds itself in a complex situation, where violence is increasing and opportunities are scarce, it is vital to reinforce spraces of positive inclusion, education, peace and values, mainly for the younger generations. It is through the universal language of football, which has the power to unite us as a country, that we can promote profound changes, as has already been demonstrated on various occasions. 

The Community Program developed at FUDELA is key and consolidates an extraordinary team which works with passion and vocation for those who most need it, across various regions in Ecuador. FUDELA was able to demonstrate the lessons and the skills obtained by their leaders and trainers throughout difficult times unique in history, such as the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The programme has also served to link FUDELA’s initiatives with other key actors. With this support, it has been possible to transform realities and generate alternatives to the complex situations which our country is facing. Without a doubt, the sustainability of all these stories and dreams wouldn’t have been possible without the continual support of the FIFA Foundation, which has allowed FUDELA to continue to create life-changing spaces through football. 

Pelé, who was one of the precursors of FUDELA mentioned: “when victory is the most difficult, the feeling of winning is greater.” Football can leave everlasting seeds to allow young people to acquire life skills, opportunities and hope for a better future. 

As a result, FUDELA believes and joins the ideal of this wonderful sport which should continue to be a priority in the construction of a world of opportunities, in mark of the Agenda 2030 and the 17 SDGs. Football has the potential to inspire the next champions of life, who are protagonists of the future and of humanity. 

FUDELA is proud to be one of the 114 organisations that will be working and transforming lives through the FIFA Foundation initiative in 2023. Find out more about this work in the following link: 



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