Firefighters from Galapagos Ecological Airport receive training

12 airport firefighters have successfully completed a new training module on the management of firefighting techniques and procedures, with knowledge of aircraft construction materials, the use of extinguishing agents, and the operation of firefighting vehicles.

One of the themes that was emphasised in the training was the application of suitable protocols for the care of possible victims of aviation accidents. 

Teachers from the Technical School of Civil Aviation were responsible for the training, which was carried out from 6th December 2022 to 24th March 2023. The team of teachers was also joined by 3 professionals from Galapagos Ecological Airport – accredited as trainers – who also shared their knowledge with the students.

The training was conducted in the airport facilities on the island of Baltra, lasting 600 hours. Amongst the topics covered were: the handling of firefighting equipment and tools, the command of incidents in airports and aerodromes, fire and incidents on land, response to emergencies involving dangerous goods, emergency communication systems, and aeronautical phraseology. 

The 12 firefighters from the Galapagos Ecological Airport were also joined by 2 firefighters from the canton of Santa Cruz, who were invited to take part with all expenses paid. This investment was made with the aim of improving the professionalism of the Santa Cruz Fire Department, and so that its firefighters can provide support when necessary in the case of incidents in the air terminal. 

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