FUDELA: 18 years transforming lives and generating opportunities

Fudela – Fundación de las Américas, an Ecuadorian NGO, is celebrating its anniversary. These are 18 years full of growth, smiles, achievements, challenges, learning, but above all dreams that have come true and passes that have scored goals in favor of development.

Since 2005, it has transformed the lives of more than 50,000 people through various processes and opportunities for educational, socioeconomic inclusion, protection of rights and sports for development with a focus on gender equality and sustainability. This has been possible thanks to the strategic alliances and collaborative actions generated with multiple actors from the public and private sectors and civil society.

Through different and innovative methodologies, FUDELA has been able to generate safe spaces for healthy recreation, integration and good use of free time. In turn, it has been able to establish local capacities in various communities in the 16 provinces where it currently operates. In the same way, it has managed to combine the strengthening of soft or socio-emotional skills with technical training in trades or entrepreneurship and other complementary services, promoting integral human development.

FUDELA celebrates its 18-year history with the satisfaction of having fulfilled its duty and with the commitment to continue making history and making a difference to go even further. It will continue to be that helping hand that serves, helps and delivers love.

The milestones reached would not have been possible if it were not for the work team and the alliances generated. Its history as an NGO is an example of improvement, transformation, solidarity and genuine service.

Its unique and incomparable roots are what have allowed it to get here and what will allow its legacy to be spread like seeds from which values ​​such as hope and positive leadership that the world needs will germinate.

FUDELA will continue in the big leagues without leaving anyone behind and with the support of the different stakeholders it will continue to build a better world: more humane, more equitable, more supportive, more sustainable.

FUDELA will continue to transcend time with the firm purpose of TRANSFORMING LIVES AND GENERATING OPPORTUNITIES.

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