Fudela and the Ecuadorian National Football Team Come Together to Play for Opportunities

Women from the textile project Matirea produce a winning word cup collection

Our national team (La Tri) has the power to unite us as a country like nothing else. The participation of Ecuador in the World Cup has helped to renovate the sense of identity, confidence, and belonging amongst Ecuadorians.

In this context FUDELA, through their community textile factory Matirea, has developed an innovative World Cup collection “La Mejor Jugada la Haces Tú” (The Best Move Is Your Move) in collaboration with the Ecuadorian Football Federation. The collection is made up of cushions, neck sleeves, and tote bags.

The following sentence was promoted to invite all compatriots to give their best efforts in other ways: After the 90 minutes end, there are other realities and games that we must continue to play and change.

The campaign has created opportunities for more than 10 women who are part of FUNDELA’s textile project, and who are mostly mothers of children in the Community Champions program. As well as creating income for the participants, the funds raised will be used to help to sustain other processes that promote football for development in more than 50 locations across the country.

Qatar 2022 was an exciting global event that left important legacies concerning sustainability, with an impact on social, human, economic, and environmental development. Similarly, FUDELA, through its different alliances, continues to deliver different innovative and valuable initiatives that look towards the attainment of the Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals.

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About Matirea:

Matirea is a company that aims to offer technical training and the production of clothes and other innovative and quality textile products. It is a means to promote socially and environmentally responsible consumption in Ecuador’s textile industry with a focus on integral human development, fair prices, and a collaborative, circular, popular and supportive economy.


FUDELA is a NGO which has been working in Ecuador for 18 years on different initiatives surrounding their vision of inclusion, prevention, and holistic and sustainable development. Through different methodolgies, it aims to create transformative processes for vulnerable groups. It is a pioneer in sport for development both in Ecuador and in global networks such as Coaches Across Continents, Common Goal, FIFA Foundation, and Football for the United Nations Goals.

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