FUDELA Promotes Community Actions with Positive Impacts

On Saturday 2nd of September, in the Rumiñahui Baja area, a day of community volunteering was carried out with the support of FUDELA, the local council, Universidad Central, the National Police, the Eugenio Espejo Zonal Administration, the Centro de Salud and other local actors. 

The principal objective of the initiative was to promote art and recreational sport activities for boys and girls from the community, in order to create a healthy and safe environment for youths and people in general from the area. 

Santiago, a 15 year old Venezuelan boy, participating in the basketball games, shared with us that “thanks to FUDELA I’ve learnt about friendship, teamwork, leadership, not thinking you’re better than other people because we’re all a team whether we win or lose, we all love one another”. 

Among the main activities were the design and painting of a mural by the Universidad Central as well as a friendly basketball game with the children beneficiaries of FUDELA. It was designed to promote fair play, teamwork, the positive investment of free time, art as a method of expression, assertive communication, active listening and leadership. 

This was affirmed by Juanita Pico, President of Pro Improvement and Security Committee of Rumiñahui Baja, “FUDELA from its foundation has continued to support youths, providing the benefits of security, personal growth and support through adolescence to give them a sense of their rights and obligations, all with a basis of strong principles. Today FUDELA maintains the criteria: recuperate youth by supporting the local community and the immigrant community”.

By way of background it’s important to mention the transcendental impact of the Foundation of the Americas within its community intervention since 2021 in this area. An integration project was carried out which had the aim of improving the quality of life for inhabitants, promoting development and community coexistence, and promoting healthy lifestyles and cohesion between displaced people and host populations. 

Throughout this time they implemented a variety of impactful projects, such as the recuperation of La Dolorosa park, the creation of a mural on the astro football pitch, the implementation of a basketball and football project for personal development, support in the maintenance of parks and support for the Health Centre with different activities. 

FUDELA, with the support of a variety of strategic allies, will continue working in different areas through Community Volunteering Days and other projects that promote healthy lifestyles, community integration, skills strengthening, generating safe spaces and opportunities for inclusion, training and social cohesion.