Galapagos Ecological Airport expands its environmental management certification

For the third consecutive year, the Galapagos Ecological Airport has obtained the ISO environmental management certification 14001:2015.

Galapagos Ecological Airport carries out regular checks on the native flora and fauna of Baltra Island

In March 2020, the Galapagos Ecological Airport was certified for the first time with the international standard ISO Environmental Management 14001:2015, which defines the criteria for an environmental management system that, when implemented and maintained effectively, can provide assurance that environmental risks are being managed and improved in an organisation. 

After new audits, in March 2023 the organisation obtained recertification of this international standard, in which 16 processes identified in the airport were audited. Amongst these were: management, environmental management system, administration, security, operations, maintenance, communication, and sustainability, amongst others. 

The certifying company is SGS Ecuador, an international corporation with vast experience on an international level in goods inspection services, quality services and international certification.

The security process also complies with the criteria of Environmental Management System

It should be noted that in addition to the external audit carried out by SGS, internal audits also took place which helped to identify areas of improvement and their corrections. 

With this certification, the airport will improve the way in which it reduces its environmental impact, achieving internal benefits by taking advantage of resources in a sustainable way. 

For the Galapagos Ecological Airport, it is important to continue with this situation as it helps them to maintain high levels of environmental performance in all areas, from administration to operational areas. 

Each one of its 84 collaborators maintain the protection of the environment as one of their top priorities, regardless of the activities they carry out. The conservation of the fragile ecosystems of the Galapagos will always be one of the motivations of the airport.

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