Galapagos Ecological Airport installs 26 traffic signals on the Baltra Island highway

These actions are part of the airport’s Environmental Management Plan

In order to contribute to the reduction of traffic accidents and roadkill of the yellow iguana Conolophus subcristatus, the directors of the Galapagos Ecological Airport ordered the placement of vertical signage on the road that connects the air terminal with the Itabaca Channel, on Baltra Island.

Airport maintenance personnel designed, prepared and placed 26 traffic signs along the 4 kilometer road. The installation was carried out by a team of 8 airport personnel over a period of 4 days.

Most of them signal the speed limit to be maintained in the sector, from 20 km to 50 km per hour, as well as the presence of speed bumps. Others give information about the caution that should be taken when traveling through the iguana crossing area. Baltra is home to hundreds of land iguanas that move freely throughout the island, so it is important to be aware of this and drive with caution.

This road is heavily used by buses that transport tourists visiting the Galapagos Islands, as well as personnel working at the airport and other organizations that operate on Baltra, such as Petrocomercial, FAE and the Ecuadorian Navy.

Well-marked roads contribute to the protection of their users and the conservation of wildlife unique to the islands’ ecosystem. 

This activity is included in the airport’s Environmental Management Plan, which provides guidelines for the implementation and maintenance of signage on the airport – Ilabaca Channel road.

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