The Galapagos Living Lab for Energy Innovation is a joint initiative between BritCham UIO, University of Edinburgh and Universidad San Francisco de Quito that aims to reduce CO2 emissions in its energy production by replacing diesel in electricity generation.

A ‘Living Lab for Energy Innovation’ is proposed aimed to deliver the objectives of the recently approved Galapagos Plan 2030, and at the same time provide opportunities to recover from the Covid-19 crisis reinforcing existing strategies and opportunities to enhance self-sufficiency, reduce climate crisis impacts and diversify sector dependency. The Lab will empower local communities to adjust to a rapidly changing economic and cultural landscape, creating a resource and energy system that is appropiate and maintainable.

Priority themes for Seed Funding

Living Lab Activity Framerwork

+ Local/Global knowledge exchange

+ Smart resource management

+ Smart supportive action framed by policy and investment planning

+ Maximize value and efficiency of resource use in Galapagos

Winning Projects:

Following a call for projects that address the issues of sustainability, energy and resources in the Galapagos Islands, 4 projects have been selected as winners, which will be funded by the Ecuadorian British Chamber of Quito, the University of Edinburgh and the University of San Francisco de Quito for implementation until mid-2023.

Links to the initiative of the University of Edinburgh and Universidad San Francisco de Quito: