Matirea: a company with a triple impact purpose.

Matirea is one of the innovative bids in the social and sustainability field of FUDELA, an Ecuadorian NGO that since 2005 has been working with different initiatives that are framed within a vision of inclusion and prevention, through comprehensive, differentiating and certified methodologies, all of which incorporate sports and other elements such as tools for holistic training.

This social enterprise was born in 2022 with the purpose of creating parallel impacts at a social level through the creation of livelihood opportunities for people in vulnerable situations, including women who are heads of households.

In its factory located in the city of Quito, innovative and high-quality products are designed and manufactured, all promoting conscious, sustainable and triple-impact consumption.

Recently, the project has moved to a circular economy model that generates value for the sustainability actions of companies with the use of recycled raw materials such as advertising banners, uniforms and other waste.

-Strategic elements:

  1. Meaning/Essence:

Matirea evokes renewal and innovation: everything that was once before can have a new purpose. 

     2. Mission:

Create productive opportunities for vulnerable groups that revolve around innovative and quality textile products under a vision of triple impact and circular economy.

     3. Vision:

To be a self-sustainable company and a benchmark in the generation of cutting-edge sustainable textile ideas at an international level.