NIRSA crew stand out in the “Marine Life 2022” award ceremony, held by the National Chamber of Fisheries

NIRSA crew members receiving the awards together with trainers from the National Chamber of Fisheries, of the Responsible Fishing program.

After the evaluation of the results of the Responsible Fishing Program in the Small Pelagic Fishery, corresponding to the year 2022, the National Chamber of Fisheries (CNP), through the “Marine Life” awards, recognized the performance of the participating fishermen and companies for their good fishing practices, biodiversity conservation and participation in the monitoring of the fishery. In this edition, the Vida Marina (Marine Life) awards recognized three NIRSA small pelagic boats: Bamar VII, Atlantic and Florida, which obtained 7 recognitions in different categories.

The Marine Life Awards are an initiative of the National Chamber of Fisheries that was born in 2021, with the purpose of promoting active participation in activities related to quality registration, fisheries monitoring, and species identification, manipulation, release and sightings of marine megafauna carried out by the crew of the vessels of the participating companies of the responsible fishing program of the SPS-FIP.

Table of nominated companies by categories

For the award, the fishery monitoring records of the Responsible Fishing Program were evaluated in quantity and quality, such as reports, videos, and photos, collected by each vessel throughout the year 2022, related to sightings and releases of wild marine megafauna during the fishing task, from the departure of the vessel to the arrival at port.

The Small Pelagic Sustainability (SPS -FIP), is a Fisheries Improvement Project (FIP) for the country’s purse seine fishery. The mission of the SPS-FIP is to maintain a sustainable activity of these resources and their supply chains. This project is developed by the National Chamber of Fisheries with the support of the Vice Ministry of Aquaculture and Fisheries and the Public Research Institute of Aquaculture and Fisheries.

Through the “Marine Life 2022” awards, it is sought to demonstrate and put into practice the technical skills acquired by the crew of the boats related to the strategy and development of sustainable fisheries management.

The categories of the “Marine Life 2022” contest were as follows:

1. Marine Life Ambassadors: Based on the quality and quantity of records made.
1.1. Commitment: recognizes the three vessels that have accumulated the highest number of registrations in the Responsible Fisheries Program in 2022.
1.2. Excellence: recognizes the boat that presents the highest quality in the records. It was selected from the ten vessels with the highest number of registrations.

2. Marine Life Protectors: Highest number of releases of marine megafauna recorded.
2.1. Commitment: recognizes the three boats that have registered the highest number of releases of marine megafauna, records of files and photographic evidence or videos were considered.
2.2. Excellence: recognizes the vessel that has photographs and videos that demonstrate the best practices in the release and registration of marine megafauna.

3. Marine Life Watchers: Highest number of recorded sightings.
3.1. Commitment: recognizes the three vessels that have registered the highest number of sightings of marine megafauna, records of files and photographic evidence or videos were considered.
3.2. Excellence: recognizes the vessel that has registered and presents the best photograph or video of sightings of marine megafauna.

NIRSA crew member releasing a sea turtle

At NIRSA we know that our first home is the ocean and for that reason we work tirelessly to take care of it. Also, we understand that sustainable fishing is the essence of our business, and we are very committed to execute actions that promote the stock of resources for future generations and the well-being of the marine ecosystem. We are very proud of the collaborators that make up our fleet, who are the first link in our chain, because thanks to them we obtain the raw material from the sea and precisely in them falls much of the responsibility of applying good practices for sustainable fishing. We congratulate the crew of the Balmar VII, Atlantic and Florida vessels for their great performance in the Responsible Fishing Program and the Marine Life Awards!Leonardo Aguirre, NIRSA Fleet Manager.

We see with satisfaction the receptivity of the fishermen who participate in our training processes and in the work of collecting data on board the boats. Generating culture is a challenge, and companies like NIRSA work on the culture of responsible fishing from senior management, their business strategy, to their operational bases, we exalt their vision, as well as the rest of the companies and their fishermen who work with us in this fisheries improvement project.Jimmy Anastacio, SPS-FIP Fisheries Improvement Project Coordinator of the National Chamber of Fisheries.

Through these actions, NIRSA demonstrates its commitment to the care of the hydrobiological resource and the marine ecosystem, as it is the executor of sustainable fishing practices.

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