NIRSA Supports Female Athletes in Ecuador

Athlete Johanna Ordóñez after her participation representing Ecuador in the World Athletics Championships 2023 hosted in Budapest

  • In 2022, the athlete reached her personal best for 20 km in 1:29:58, becoming the second fastest competitive walker in the history of Ecuador
  • NIRSA is an Ecuadorian company that actively promotes equality of opportunity and female empowerment through corporate governance 

August 2023 – Under the commitment of promoting equality of opportunities and female empowerment, NIRSA, a business which markets product under the brand Real, supported the professional walker Johana Ordóñez who took place in the following races: 20th of August, 26th place in the 20 km race and 24th of August, 16th place in the 35 km race, representing Ecuador in the World Athletics Championships 2023 held in Budapest.

Johana Ordóñez is an Ecuadorian athlete who specialises in the 20 and 35 km races. She has participated in athletics since 2002, and she has been known as one of the most significant athletes since she was part of the Ecuadorian delegation for the Pekín Olympic Games of 2008, where she came 35th in the women’s 20km race. Furthermore, she is a champion with a national record in the Panamerican and South American Games in Lima in 2019 with a time of 4:11.12 for 50km. 

“Every day is an opportunity to improve, to grow and this is what I´ve done throughout my career in race walking, it’s been 20 years of representing my country with great pride and even if my body suffers I want to demonstrate to my children, who are my main drivers, that all effort brings rewards. It is an honour to have again represented the country in the world cup in Budapest in the 20 and 35 km races, and I felt a strong pride upon wearing the colours of our beloved Ecuador again. But in this race I wasn’t alone, I had my trainers, medics, family, organisations and friends with me, a very big team that were always supporting me. I want to also thank NIRSA who joined my family to support me in my dreams of making it to the Paris Olympic Games of 2024. NIRSA, a company that demonstrates its commitment to sustainable development, community and high performance sport. Thank you so much for the support of those who trusted me” expressed the athlete Johana Ordóñez.

Furthermore, Melissa Aguirre, Head of Corporate Issues at NIRSA, commented: “Johana isn’t only an example to her children and family, but also for all women and children in the country. Her achievements are the product of her dedication, consistency and discipline. As a business, her love for sport inspires us, and we share Johana’s passion for seeing Ecuador make it to the top. It’s for this reason that, at NIRSA, we feel proud to support her in continuing chasing her dreams. We believe that women like Johana create change and break stereotypes. As a business, we promote equality of opportunity and female empowerment as much inside our organisation as outside. We take this opportunity to congratulate her for her remarkable participation in Budapest”. 

NIRSA is a proudly Ecuadorian business that stands out for being one of the biggest generators of employment in the country. For this reason, it forms part of various initiatives, such as that of UN Women of the United Nations, to promote gender equality and female empowerment. One of the company’s objectives is to provide opportunities for women to reach their full potential, as their participation in society is fundamental for the future of our country.

Sobre NIRSA:

Nirsa es una de las empresas más importantes del país dedicada a la captura y procesamiento de especies marinas y de acuacultura. La firma figura entre las empresas que mayor empleo genera en el Ecuador, actualmente brinda fuente de trabajo directo a más de 8.000 personas. Además, su liderazgo en materia de sostenibilidad del recurso pesquero ha sido reconocido con la mayor certificación de sostenibilidad a nivel mundial, el MSC para aleta amarilla. Otro de sus grandes logros ha sido posicionar a la industria pesquera de atún entre las más importantes del mundo, pues se ha consolidado en Estados Unidos de Norte América, Centroamérica, Sudamérica, Unión Europea, Asia, entre otros. En estos 65 años de vida institucional, Nirsa ha realizado considerables inversiones en sus barcos pesqueros, como también en el crecimiento de sus colaboradores, en su infraestructura, para el procesamiento de alimentos de calidad, y en tecnología. 

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