Optimizando el servicio al cliente: Alineando personas, procesos y tecnología

Customer service has become an even higher priority for businesses today. Customers expect a personalized, responsive and available experience 24 hours a day. Eighty percent of B2B (Business to Business) buyers expect the same shopping experience as B2C (Business to Consumer) customers, including real-time interactions. However, many companies face challenges in meeting these expectations due to limited resources and archaic manual procedures. Those companies that can overcome these challenges will differentiate themselves from their competitors.

The goal is to optimize the key components of customer service: people, process and technology (PPT) and develop a strategy to align them. Designed for decision makers who want to expand their digital transformation efforts and achieve customer service excellence.

The benefits of the solutions proposed here include freeing up customer service representatives to deliver meaningful and timely interactions, generating more sales opportunities through improved customer experience, and facilitating smart growth and business resilience.

Identify problem areas in traditional customer service processes, such as customer inquiry management, order management and complaint management. Proposing solutions based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven automation to optimize customer service and allow representatives to focus on more valuable activities.

Successful customer service requires an effective combination of people, process and technology. Despite the proliferation of digital technology, people remain at the core of a good customer service culture. It is important to empower customer service representatives and optimize their role along with processes and technology.

Automating problematic customer service processes offers benefits such as increased employee engagement, performance-based rewards, more flexibility and job security, and a streamlined onboarding and training process for new employees.

Comprehensive operational efficiency in customer service is achieved through the right combination of people, processes and technology. Manual processes hinder efficiency and customer service quality, so digital solutions are critical to standardize and streamline processes, improve data consistency and accessibility, and facilitate change management and future-proofing.

In short, aligning people, processes and technology in customer service is crucial to business survival and success. Automation offers a clear solution by enabling companies to focus on the needs of their customers and make significant improvements to their customer service functions. 

BPONE THE BEST PROFESSIONAL OUTSOURCING, through ESKER, a company with a cloud platform and extensive experience in automation solutions, presents itself as an option to help companies in this process.

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