Optimizing the O2C process through Artificial Intelligence (AI) intervention.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can play an important role in improving the O2C (Order-to-Cash) process, which is the business process that extends from the time a customer places an order until payment is received and recorded in the system. 

 Here are some ways in which AI can improve the O2C process:

  • Automating the invoicing process: Automate the creation and sending of invoices to customers.
  • Improving billing accuracy: Helps identify errors in invoices before they are sent to customers, which reduces the number of rejected invoices and time spent resolving disputes.
  • Collections management: Helps identify customers who are having trouble paying their invoices and automatically generate a prioritization strategy for follow-up and collection management accordingly.
  • Reduce times in the application of customer payments: The AI will automatically suggest how to apply incoming payments to outstanding customer invoices and credit notes.
  • Reduce delivery times to customers: It can help you automatically process customer orders faster and more efficiently by eliminating typing errors and logistical costs due to inefficiencies.
  • Improve customer experience: AI can help personalize the customer experience, for example, by recommending additional products or providing real-time customer assistance.

In short, AI can improve efficiency, accuracy and customer experience in the O2C process.It is important to keep in mind that successful implementation of AI in O2C requires collaboration and commitment from all stakeholders, including sales, finance and IT.

BPONE offers a wide range of advanced technologies, including solutions that simulate Artificial Intelligence (AI) through their partnership with ESKER. Their solutions simplify the management of the most complex business documents in P2P (Procure-to-Pay) and O2C (Order-to-Cash), strengthening business-to-business collaboration by automating the cash conversion cycle.

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