Report on the Political Situation of Ecuador: April 2023

By Morales & Asociados y Péndulo

The alarm of insecurity persists. 

Insecurity continues and worsens. Government authorities have recognized these events happening in the country. Events like the “suicide bomber” incident occurred the last days of March. Violent deaths have increased by 66%, and extortions by 300%. But despite the urgency, the equipment promised 10 months ago to strengthen the police force has not arrived. Ordóñez justified this by stating that “these processes take time.”

More unprecedented events occurred in the month like the sending of bomb packages against journalists such as Lenin Artieda from Ecuavisa and Karol Noroña from GK.

For now, there will be no cross-death: The President will defend himself.

After hours of uncertainty about the position of the President blic regarding the impeachment trial that will be processed by the National Assembly for at least 45 days before he is required to appear, the President announced that he respects democracy and will defend himself. 

March, the month of protests and mobilizations.

March was not a quiet month. There were protests and mobilizations that, despite being peaceful, evidenced discontent from different social sectors. More details in the link at the end. 

Tension between Ecuador and Argentina.

On March 13, relations between Ecuador and Argentina were strained with the departure of María de los Ángeles Duarte, former Minister of Housing in the government of Rafael Correa, who had been staying as a “guest” at the diplomatic headquarters since August 2020, became known […] Lasso accused the Argentine President of putting his friendship with Rafael Correa “above the fraternal relationship” between Ecuador and Argentina. The Argentine President responded by stating that the decision to expel the Argentine ambassador had been “disproportionate” and suggested to Lasso that he “correct the mistake”.

Lenin Moreno: in the crosshairs vs. Diana Salazar. Political calculations and autonomy of the Prosecutor’s Office.

After Ecuadorian justice denied the possibility for former President Lenin Moreno and his wife, Rocio Gonzalez, to present themselves at the Ecuadorian Embassy in Asuncion, their legal situation became more complicated […] Proposing the independence and autonomy that the Prosecutor’s Office should have implies at the same time reviewing the principles that guide it. Using the “Ina Papers” case as a political calculation could be interpreted as a serious attack to the country’s justice and institutional framework, which increases foreign investors’ distrust in large-scale projects.

Read the full content and more news, such as the tragedy in Alausí, exorbitant privileges with public funds from CNEL, Ecuador’s struggling economy, Chat GPT and its uses at the managerial level: scope and limits, the Tik Tok ban in the US:

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