El costo de la gasolina en Suramérica

The price of gasoline in South America varies greatly depending on the country and its economic and political conditions, due to factors such as high taxes, transportation costs, limited refining capacity, and applied subsidies.

In Brazil, which is the largest economy in South America, gasoline prices are heavily regulated by the government, this has led to frequent fluctuations. In 2023, in January the average price of gasoline (extra or similar) was US$3.7 per gallon.

due to its economic problems, in Argentina the price measured in American dollars is constantly changing, in January of this year we found US$3.60 a gallon.

Chile has an average price of US$6.10 a gallon, and Ecuador, which has relatively low gasoline prices, (because of the subsidy) at US$2.4 a gallon.

In conclusion, gasoline prices in South America are mainly influenced by government policies, economic conditions, and world oil prices. These prices can vary greatly between countries and have a significant impact on the cost of living for people in the region.

Credits: www.datapais.com

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