Together for Inclusion: Progressing towards strong and supportive communities

On 18th May, FUDELA had the honour of participating in the 2023 IntegrHa-bitat Regional Conference, a key meeting in Medellín where 22 member centres of the global network from Latin America and the Caribbean gathered to share experiences and to promote the effective integration of vulnerable communities. In the region, there are currently 101 registered centres. 

The objective of this network is to develop the impact that each centre generates in its territory through the consolidation of a community dedicated to the exchange of knowledge, successful experiences and good practices. Furthermore, it aims to encourage the development of exchange and strengthening activities, as well as the joint management of resources, initiatives and alliances. 

FUDELA was a key participant of the panel “Community participation in the social construction of the territory with our initiative: Network of neighbourhood leaders in the exchange of good practices in the Metropolitan District of Quito”. This initiative aims to form a network focused on social service, protection, and collaborative work.

During the panel, the importance of relying on a network of neighbourhood leaders who are committed to social service, who know their rights, and who can collaborate with their peers, organisations, private companies, academia and public institutions was highlighted. This network is essential for strengthening the actions and development of communities. 

An inspiring example is that of Deyli Mar Prado, Leader of Solanda, who mentioned: “Through this space, I have gained a great amount of information which I can now put into practice in my community to improve the quality of life of the migrant and host population”. Juan Morejón, Leader of the Quito Norte neighbourhood highlighted: “The work that we are carrying out benefits everyone as it unites us. Our only objective is to live in peace and harmony in our community, and these spaces are fundamental to train our future leaders.”

These actions form part of the project “Inclusive Cities (Ciudades Incluyente)”, which is supported by the European Union in Ecuador, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the International Organisation for Migration, and UN-Habitat. FUDELA is proud to work together to build more inclusive cities and to promote solidarity in communities. 

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