Red Flags and Due Diligence to prevent fraud risk

Since its inception, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been designed to perform certain operations that were considered typical of human intelligence. Nowadays, AI has various applications in fields as diverse as education, economics, sports, among others.

What role has artificial intelligence played in today’s businesses? 

Within the world of business, one of the most important contributions that AI has provided is support in decision making. Through analysis, anomalies are identified and results are predicted, which gives users a broader view to choose the best possible business decision with greater precision and result prediction. Additionally, it facilitates finding and qualifying new business opportunities, manages proposals better allowing the margin of error to decrease over time.

In addition, AI seeks to provide customers with more personalized service using valuable data that improves any type of daily process, determining a more studied and specific result to any problem. In this sense, it is important to mention that its implementation represents a great change not only to improve business processes but also to optimize their operations. Its use, like any technological tool, requires a human team that knows how it works and, above all, knows how to perform proper maintenance to take full advantage of all the potential that AI can offer, since it is not enough just to automate, but it seeks to generate value in organizations.

Today, many companies already have AI applied for the development of their businesses. This indicates that, over time, this reality will not be a simple option, but will be the common denominator that allows companies to compete efficiently. That is, the future of business lies in AI and those companies that do not implement it will end up being left out of the market.

At BPONE, we have joined forces with ESKER, a company that has a solid set of technologies that simulate AI and simplify the management of the most complex business documents in P2P and O2C, with the purpose of strengthening collaboration between companies by automating the cash conversion cycle. We will be happy to advise and implement AI in your processes to adapt them to the specific needs of your company.

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