“Without oceans, there is no home”, a campaign to raise awareness about the impact of our actions

In Ecuador NIRSA is one of the companies that constantly works on collective awareness campaigns and the execution of actions that promote the care of the oceans and the species that inhabit them.  

One of the main problems affecting the oceans is plastic pollution, according to several scientific studies it is estimated that almost 13 million metric tons of plastic enter the ocean each year, threatening marine life and polluting coastal areas. This is equivalent to a garbage truck dumping its waste into the sea every minute. 

This is how last May NIRSA began its campaign corresponding to this 2023, called:  “A sea of changes” on The World Tuna Day, which started with a message of awareness about the preservation of this species and the impact that plastic has on its habitat. Now, in the month of June for World Oceans Day, the campaign focuses on acting urgently in their care, because if we do not take care of them, there will be no home for the species that inhabit them. 

One of the species most affected by plastic pollution in the oceans are sea turtles, which commonly confuse plastic bags with the food they consume regularly (jellyfish) and as a consequence, end up suffocating because their bodies are unable to digest this waste foreign to their bodies. According to the WWF, it is estimated that around 100,000 marine animals die each year because of plastic.   

Under the purpose of contributing to the care of the oceans and marine species, NIRSA celebrated the World Ocean Day by contributing to the Ecodata Foundation, a care center that rescues, stabilizes and releases animals found on the beaches of Playas Villamil.  This contribution will allow the foundation to continue helping with the rescue, rehabilitation, and monitoring of turtle nests. The foundation works in coordination with the park rangers of the Villamil Beaches National Recreation Area and following the rules of the protected area.

“As a company we consider the sea to be our first home, and as an infinite source of inspiration, we must take care of it tirelessly. The ocean is the place where we get the resources to be able to reach the tables of Ecuador and the world with quality nutrition. We are aware that this wealth is not infinite and that it requires a lot of care.  It is for this reason that at NIRSA we execute actions so that resources are available for future generations. From the private sector, we are committed to applying responsible fishing practices, respecting the oceans and the species that inhabit them. However, this responsibility also falls on society, which has the duty to carry out the correct disposal of garbage and recycle.  If we don’t work as a team to protect the oceans, many species will be homeless and at risk,” said Melissa Aguirre, Manager of Corporate Affairs and Corporate Social Responsibility at NIRSA. 

NIRSA is also a member of the ISSF (INTERNATIONAL SEAFOOD SUSTAINABILITY FOUNDATION), a non-profit foundation formed by the main tuna canning industries in the world whose objective is to make tuna fishing a sustainable activity in the long term and based on scientific research, guaranteeing the health of stocks, reducing bycatch and promoting the health of the marine ecosystem.  

In this way NIRSA celebrates World Ocean Day, making a collective call to take care of them since they are home to multiple marine species and because they are fundamental for life on our planet. 

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