Zurich Ecuador presented its 2022 Sustainability Memory, which includes the actions and progress made in complying with the company’s sustainability objectives. The report details the activities undertaken with customers, partners, and society to overcome today’s most challenging environmental and social risks. 

In order to have a positive impact, Zurich Insurance created a strategy based on the Sustainable Development Goals 2023 and on the company’s purpose of building a better future together, protecting the efforts of Ecuadorians.  Under the pillars of sustainability with the business, customers, people, planet and community, the company has outlined ambitious plans that contribute to each of them.

The Sustainability Memory highlights results in terms of the main projects proposed, such as the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in 2022, generating 62% less emissions in operations compared to those of 2019. As part of the actions carried out to achieve this result, Zurich Insurance Ecuador included a sustainable building with LEED Platinum certification and the use of materials with low environmental impact; it incorporated a waste management system to promote waste classification and those recyclable elements are channeled to social organizations, and paper printing was reduced by 99%.

Working with the community is also relevant as part of the measures adopted to combat the effects of climate change, and for this reason it implemented a project designed to generate flood prevention and resilience in the provinces of Guayas and Manabi. In addition, together with Plan International, 23 communities were intervened in order to carry out a situational survey to know the real state of the populations and manage risk prevention actions. Currently, the project has impacted 34,000 people.

“The achievements in sustainability exposed in this report reflect our commitment and work done day by day to become a benchmark in the sector, under the three pillars of Zurich’s sustainability agenda at a global level: People, Customers, Planet. We are convinced that building sustainable businesses requires working together and a way forward into the future, guided by the commitment to positively impact communities. As an insurer, from our daily role, we seek to generate a positive impact by protecting communities, people, and the planet, contributing to make society increasingly resistant and resilient to the new challenges of today’s world” said Nicolás Marchant, CEO of Zurich Ecuador.

Zurich Insurance will continue to positively impact people to build together a better future and protect the efforts of Ecuadorians; being accountable and creating sustainable opportunities for everyone.

Find out the 2022 Sustainability Memory of Zurich Insurance Ecuador in the link below: https://lnkd.in/en8ZtfDD.

Alejandra Romero

Assistant Manager of Marketing & Communication